LAMM AT LARGE: Uncle Dave’s top SEC players

I’m wrapping up my lists of best-worst, favorite-least favorite, etc. SEC coaches and players from my 44 years covering the SEC. There are simply too many players to try and list them like I did coaches, but here are several lists based solely on my opinion. (Feel free to disagree.) 

Top quarterbacks: No. 1 Tim Tebow, Florida (Mr. Everything); No. 2 Peyton Manning, Tennessee (Did everything but beat Gators); No. 3 Joe Burrow, LSU (great but only one season); No. 4 Danny Wuerffel  Florida (incredibly accurate); No. 5 Mac Jones, Alabama (see Wuerffel). Close but no cigar: Eli Manning, Ole Miss, and Cam Newton, Auburn.

Favorite/great players: No. 1 Herschel Walker, RB, Georgia;  In no particular order, Wilbur Marshall, LB, Florida; Reggie White, DE, Tennessee; Champ Bailey, CB, Georgia; Jared Lorenzen, QB, Kentucky