LAMM AT LARGE: Salutes Naomi Osaka’s bravery

Mental illness comes in many forms and all of them serious. I’m thrilled athletes who suffer the horrors of mental illness are coming out of the closet. 

Tennis star Naomi Osaka opened the flood gates on the topic this spring. The world’s No. 1 player said her fear of facing questions from the media caused her great anxiety. She went on to withdraw from several tournaments, including Wimbledon. 

Since she went public, a dozen or more athletes have said they suffer from this invisible illness.   

Good for them.  

I’m not qualified to speak intelligently on the topic, and would never try. I do hope athletes, who perform their jobs under a spotlight and are under tremendous pressure, don’t start using some form of mental illness to explain all bad performances and prolonged slumps. 

That’s unfair to those who are suffering.