LAMM AT LARGE: Enough of the Aaron Rodgers Soap Opera

I’m sick of hearing about Aaron Rodgers. I don’t know what the problem is; who’s to blame. Don’t care.

There hasn’t been any news in months but the same old opinions and old news stories get rehashed and rehashed and rehashed.

Until the star quarterback rejoins the Packers, is traded, cut, retires or is told to rot in Hades, give it a rest.

The problem isn’t money, is it? Rodgers says it isn’t his feeling being hurt. He says he simply doesn’t want to play for the Packers anymore.

Obviously it’s a crushing blow to the Packers if he doesn’t play. At this point they can only move on as if he’s been injured or suspended and get Jordan Love ready to play.

Unless something changes, put a lid on it — PLEASE.