LAMM AT LARGE: COVID-19 crushes Jon Rahm at Memorial

I’ve done a lot of research over the last two days looking for the most devastating or shocking loss in a championship series or game or final round or last lap.
I know 3-0 leads in best-of-7 series have been blown; I know great golfers have had 4th-rounds collapses, etc.
But I can’t think of anything that compares with what happened to Jon Rahm at the Memorial. Testing positive for COVID 19 meant he had to withdraw.
I racked my brain thinking of ways Rahm could be allowed to  play. Let him play as a onesome with only a marker, scorer and caddy tagging along. Hell, let Rahm carry his own bag.
But the PGA Tour, more than any sport I know, lives by a strict set of rules with no wiggle room.
Crushing for Rahm. Good for the Tour and golf.