LAMM AT LARGE: Fans out of control

Listening to the sports news you’d think NBA fans are out of control. The news has been blown way out of proportion.
I agree any time a fan throws anything at players, coaches or officials on the court or on their way to the locker room it should be taken seriously. Banning the offenders for a season, a decade or life, I don’t care. DON’T THROW ANYTHING ANY TIME. Simple enough.
But keep in mind we’re talking about a handful of fans among the 1,000s that attend games. This isn’t exactly a pandemic.
There’s an easy solution to the problem: Stop alcohol sales at games. Listen, I enjoy an alcoholic beverage as much as the next guy, but what’d you bet the recent offenders were a bit sauced?
Problem is that will hurt financially. What’s the NBA willing to pay for player safety?