LAMM AT LARGE: Athletes aren’t overpaid

LAMM AT LARGE: Athletes aren’t overpaid

By: David Lamm

Generally speaking, I don’t think athletes are overpaid.

They have a talent millions of people wanna see and are willing pay big bucks for the privilege. Most watch on TV, and that generates billions in advertising revenue.

Then there is the sale of tickets, concessions, merchandise and parking.

Don’t the athletes deserve their share? That turns out to be millions per player; multi-million for the stars.

Good for them.

Regretfully, some athletes don’t handle their success very well.

They say stupid things they “need to be paid”; they “gotta feed my family” when they already make enough to feed the entire town.

A little humility would help.

It’d be great if teachers and cops made more money, but don’t begrudge¬†the athletes and entertainers.

It’s called the free market, the American way.