LAMM AT LARGE: No excuses for ignoring COVID protocols

LAMM AT LARGE: No excuses for ignoring COVID protocols

By: David Lamm

Just because you’re young, rich, athletically gifted and horny doesn’t make it okay to ignore the COVID-19 protocols your team and league have set forth.

It makes you selfish, dangerous and stupid. No one likes what we’re all experiencing. Being quarantined, being kept from our loved ones, watching businesses die — these are as uncomfortable for us as they are to you.

But our best medical minds have said social distancing, wearing a mask, washing our hands often — these are are things we must do to fight the cornavirus until a vaccine is discovered.

Having our pro teams play is one way of providing a little comfort.

No athlete was forced to play, but only a handful said no. Sure, the money is a major factor in the decision-making. Who doesn’t understand?

But playing isn’t without risks.There are no guarantees.

You made a commitment. Now live up to it. The clubs and women will be there when this is behind us.