LAMM AT LARGE: Preaching patience

LAMM AT LARGE: Preaching patience

By: David Lamm

The Jaguars path to improvement goes through the AFC South and, quite frankly, that presents a rough trip.

Even though the AFC South is generally regarded as one of the NFL’s weakest divisions, the Jaguars are clearly the division’s fourth best team based on past performances.

Break down the South’s teams by units and the Jaguars rank 4th at quarterback, wide receiver and on defense. They’re 3rd on the offensive line and tight end.

They rank 2nd at running back. After the Titans’ All-Pro Derrick Henry, Leonard Fournette is easily the most productive.

There is hope, of course. Because of how competitive most NFL games are, a handful of plays can flip a team’s record. And rookies can make a difference.

Still, the road to significant improvement is steep so Jags fan need to be . . . you don’t want hear this . . . patient.