LAMM AT LARGE: Hot dogs and athletes

By: David Lamm

For as long as I can remember there’s been a debate about who are athletes and who aren’t; about what’s a sport and what isn’t.

Many say that golfers, bowlers and race car drivers aren’t athletes. They argue speed, muscle, quickness, stamina and jumping aren’t factors in what they do.

Many say chess, video games and card games aren’t sports.

I tend to be on the other side. Certainly golf, bowling and racing require the hand-eye coordination and timing athletes must have. As for what’s a sport, keeping score and wit are major factors.

I do draw the line on one . . . errrrrr, the endeavor: hot dog eating. The annual July the 4th hot dog eating contest isn’t sport. It’s gross and repulsive. So is the hot dog eating king Joey Chesnutt.