LAMM AT LARGE: Hooked on baseball

LAMM AT LARGE: Hooked on baseball

By: David Lamm

I don’t know what I’m going to do when Major League Baseball returns.

I’m frustrated with everyone in baseball, owners and players. I’m tempted to end my lifetime love affair with the sport. I don’t think a 60-game schedule can produce a true champion. In baseball, winning 60% of your games is outstanding.

The best teams often lose to the worst teams. Baseball is a game of streaks.

Last year’s champions, the Washington Nationals, started the season 11-19. They couldn’t recover from that in a 60-game season.

So, I’m mad at baseball. It has punched me in the gut. I’m going be part of the group fleeing from what was once our national pastime.

To hell I am. I’m hooked. I’ll be watching as always.