LAMM AT LARGE: Sports returning as MLB negotiates

LAMM AT LARGE: Sports returning as MLB negotiates

By: David Lamm

Get out your book of cliches. Many of them fit the situation.

Early bird gets the worm is as good as any to describe the situation.

UFC and NASCAR came out of the shutdown first and they’ve been rewarded with millions of new fans. Will those fans stay? Some of them will.

Golf put on a couple of star-filled exhibitions and the results were mind-blowing. Golf greats Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson paired with football greats Peyton Manning and Tom Brady  and the result was the most watched televised golf ever.


Obviously the power of the NFL was at work. Tiger and Lefty are still golf’s greatest draws. AND there was no competition from other live sports.

Sports fans are starved for live competition. Why isn’t baseball listening?

Once our national pastime, baseball is drowning and won’t even reach for a life line.