LAMM AT LARGE: Happy 50th son

By: David Lamm

I remember turning 50 like it was yesterday. I suddenly felt old. Not hunched back, achy old.

I just knew 50 meant my days as young man were over. I was now the age of presidents, CEOs’, generals,statesmen and hall of fame athletes..

In my own silly ways, I saw myself somewhere on the back nine of life.

I had no idea my turning 50 was so easy compared to what was coming.

Four years old my oldest son, Tom, turned 50. I was surprised how well I handled that.

Today. my baby son, Alex, turns 50. How is that possible?

I’m not asking for sympathy. It’s better than the alternative.

I simply find it hard to imagine how time has past so quickly.

Often I put things in perspective through sports. Could be really be 59 years since I covered the first World 600 as a wide-eyed high school kid? Was it 52 years ago I first stepped on Augusta National? Was 48 years since my first trip to LA to watch FSU in the Final Four?

Happy birthday, baby. I wouldn’t want it any other way.