LAMM AT LARGE: Media psychoanalysis

LAMM AT LARGE: Media psychoanalysis

By: David Lamm

We in the media — and that includes me — have got to stop analyzing everything anyone of importance says. That includes politics, sports, business, even water cooler chit-chat.

Repeating what someone says is reporting. Analyzing it is one man’s opinion. That’s like walking in a mine field.

One of the biggest stories of the recent NFL draft was Green Bay trading up in the first round to take quarterback Jordan Love.Why do that with Aaron Rodgers still playing at an elite level?

Opinions were everywhere. Finally, late last week, Rodgers spoke.

“Yes, I was surprised,” he said.

“Yes, I understand a team must think ahead,” he said.

“This does mean I might not finish my career in Green Bay,” he said.

What’s unclear about what he’s thinking? No analysis┬áneeded.