LAMM AT LARGE: Tyler Eifert gives Jags – and Jag fans – hope

LAMM AT LARGE: Tyler Eifert gives Jags – and Jag fans – hope

By: David Lamm

The last thing I want to do is give Jaguar fans a false sense of hope. But . . . well, maybe during this unprecedented time, when boredom has all of us by the throat, I saw a ray of hope last week with the signing of Tyler Eifert.

He’s no Gronk or Tony Gonzales, mind you, but he’s proven goods.

A former Notre Dame All-American, Eifert flew under the radar during 7 seasons in Cincinnati. The fact you know his name tells you he must have done some good things.

I’ve been screaming for the Jaguars to get an above average TE for 15 years. I have proof. I consider the TE a major factor in the NFL of the 21st Century.

They stuck with Marcedes Lewis for ever, who I regarded as a nice blocker with stone hands. Sounds like small offensive tackle to me.

The Jaguars did try a few years ago by signing Julius Thomas, but he was as soft as the folks in Denver whispered he was.

When Eifert is healthy — and he was last year –. he can block and catch. Let’s call him a Grade B TE.

That’s a step up and someone who should team well with QB Gardner Minshew, particularly in the red zone.