LAMM AT LARGE: Jaguars draft options

LAMM AT LARGE: Jaguars draft options

By: David Lamm

I wasn’t planning to talk about the Jaguars and the NFL draft this early, but . . . . you know the situation.

The Jaguars are loaded with picks,12 and that includes two 1st rounders, 9 and 20. No one knows who they’ll draft and that includes the Jaguars. But everyone knows where they need help the most: interior defensive line, linebacker, cornerback, safety, wide receiver, tight end and, yes, quarterback.

I’m not a draft expert. I don’t study film. I do track as many of the mock drafts as I can, throw them in blender and see what the results are as far as which positions are considered the strongest and/or, the deepest. I only track the first three rounds. NFL execs have told me for years they expect to draft rookie starters in those rounds.

Wide receivers — Great draft material. As many as 17 could go in first three rounders.

Cornerbacks — Great chance to solve weakness. My number is 14.

Linebacker — Good draft, 12 is the number, most in rounds 2 and 3.

Interior defensive line:– Okay. Nine names pop up, 5 as second-rounders.

Quarterbacks — 1st round loaded (5-6) then not much,

Tight ends — Weak. Maybe get one of 4 in 3rd round.

Safety — If you need one badly enough, you’ll probably draft 1 of 6 higher than you’d like.