Chris Doering says practice cancellations give Gators an advantage

Chris Doering says practice cancellations give Gators an advantage

Former Florida Gator and current analyst on the SEC Network Chris Doering joined “XL Primetime” on 1010XL. Doering was asked if the current uncertainty as far as practice schedules or lack thereof would help Gator quarterback Kyle Trask hold on to that job this off-season.

“I think it could help Kyle hang onto it,” Doering told 1010XL. “I look around the entire SEC and I think of all the teams, Florida is probably in the best shape. If we are talking about minimizing practices leading into fall camp, eliminating spring all together, Florida with all their returning players, the continuity on the coaching staff, and having a quarterback that had as much success as Kyle Trask did returning, I definitely think that Florida of all the teams in the SEC is in the best shape.”

Doering was asked how important spring football was and how much programs will be hurt by not having it.

“It’s huge,” he said. “I know as we get to be veteran players we don’t need spring practice as much. I remember my senior year I barely practiced and I didn’t take part in the spring game because coaches knew what I could do at that time, but I remember heading into the spring of 1993, that’s really where I made my move to prepare myself to be ready to play in the fall that season. Proving that I was up to the task in scrimmages out there. Having a number of 15 practices to get under your belt. It’s an important time for the development of young players.

“I look at the trend the past few years of freshmen graduating early and being early enrollees and being counted onto play their freshman season, that group right there is going to take a significant hit. I’m anxious to see the number of true freshmen that are actually able to participate this year if there is not a spring practice of some sort.”

Finally, Doering talked about the programs that have first-year head coaches like Arkansas, Florida State, Mississippi State and Ole Miss and how much the lack of offseason work could affect them come this fall.

“It’s a significant disadvantage for them,” Doering said. “I think about all the things you learn during the spring with a new coaching staff, I mean things like lining up and stretching, how to go through practice, and what the expectation is out there. There is so much that these guys aren’t getting exposed to that are going to put them at a significant disadvantage.

“It is unfortunate for those new coaching staffs around the country, particularly around the SEC, and I don’t know how they’re going to make up for that lost time at this point.

“I put it into tiers, teams with the new head coaches are at the biggest disadvantage right now. Teams with a lack of continuality on the coaching staff among assistant coaches is kind of that next tier as far as the biggest disadvantages.”

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