LAMM AT LARGE: A wonderful life interrupted

LAMM AT LARGE: A wonderful life interrupted

By: David Lamm

I’m not asking for pity. I’ve never denied having a great job, a wonderful life.

Being paid to go to games for free and then write and talk about them. How many kids dream about such a life?

My first newspaper byline came 59 years ago, March 1961. A lot of major events have come and gone since then, but I remember that first assignment like it was yesterday.

But after all these years, my job has become become a struggle. It’s not the writing, it’s finding subjects to write about. I’ve worn out NFL free agency. The thought of hearing Tom Brady’s name makes me shutter. What else can be said about the Jaguars firesale? Or no March Madness? A spring without the Masters?

I believe this nightmare will end, maybe soon according to recent news,

In the meantime, I will search for informative, provocative and entertaining things to write about. At least I’ll try to.

I’ll look for angles not discussed by our gaggle of show hosts.

It won’t be easy. Maybe I’ve had too good for too long.