NFL should break up the draft to maximize entertainment

NFL should break up the draft to maximize entertainment

By: Hays Carlyon

The NFL navigated free agency well as the coronavirus shut down the sports world.

The league didn’t succumb to criticism that free agency should be postponed. Instead, the NFL provided starved sports fans with needed content.

That was the right move.

Now, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell should maximize the league’s prized off-season jewel.

The draft is set to take place April 23-25. The first round is held Thursday. Rounds two and three are Friday and the draft concludes Saturday with the final four rounds.

Las Vegas was set to hold the draft but that has been cancelled because of the pandemic. Instead, the draft will be a studio show.

That gives the NFL tremendous flexibility.

Here’s what the league should do to capitalize on a difficult situation: Expand the draft into a two-week extravaganza.

Here’s my plan to break the draft into an eight-night event spread out over two weeks.

Thursday, April 23: The first five picks.

Friday, April 24: Picks 6-10.

Saturday, April 25: Picks 11-20.

Sunday, April 26: Picks 21-32.

Figuring on an hour of draft preview, a two-hour draft portion and an hour of draft recap that’s a four-hour draft window ideally from 7-11 p.m.

There would then be a three-day break with the draft resuming with the following schedule.

Thursday, April 30: The first half of Round Two.

Friday, May 1: The second half of Round Two.

Saturday, May 2: Round Three.

Sunday, May 3: The final four rounds.

This pandemic has created unthinkable challenges. However, this challenge does allow for creativity.

The NFL should take advantage and expand the draft to provide two weeks of entertainment to its fans.

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