LAMM AT LARGE: No choice for Olympics

LAMM AT LARGE: No choice for Olympics

By: David Lamm

The Olympic Games will be postponed for a year. There isn’t any other choice.

I don’t know when the IOC will make an announcement — maybe it already has by the time you read this — but trying play the Games this summer is already an impossibility.

Everything flies in the face of what we’ve been told not to do.

Think of the travel, particularly the global travel for both athletes and fans.

Think about Olympic Village, a modern day commune. Athletes are almost stacked on top of each other.

More importantly, consider the lack of preparation time. I’m talking about all of the qualifying meets.

Already countries have bailed out. Others will follow in the coming days. When enough say no to this summer, IOC’s crooked leadership will go to the podium in front of dozens of microphones and say what we already know: the 2020 Games will be played in 2021.