LAMM AT LARGE: Confessions

LAMM AT LARGE: Confessions

By: David Lamm

I have a confession to make. I watched the Westminster Dog Show. And loved it.

I’ve always loved animals, particularly dogs. My family has always had one . . . Fritz, Charley, Spot and now Lulu. Lulu’s 2½ and my first girl. I’ve bonded more with her because I’ve spent so much time with her because a bad back doesn’t allow me to play golf or travel.

I don’t mind being labeled “an obnoxious pet owner” because . . . well, I am. I do draw the line at putting clothes on a dog, but an occasional bow or ribbon, they’re OK.

But she has too many treats and toys. Several times a week I take her for a ride. She loves the wind in her face. If she sneezes, she goes to see the vet.

And she loves watching the Westminster Dog Show, so we watch it together. She loves watching golf, too. I guess I kind of force-fed golf on her.

Don’t worry. I still like watching the macho sports, football, basketball, baseball and an occasional boxing match. But none ranks higher these days than the world’s No. 1 dog show.

XFL Looks Good to Me

I’ve watched bits and pieces of the XFL games over the last two weekends. I honestly couldn’t tell that much difference in what I often saw throughout the fall.

The players were big, fast, skilled and tough. They certainly looked the part.

If you take away the names on the back of the jerseys, do you really think you can see a difference?

Football is more about passion for your team, or teams. It’s about the uniform. If you’re a Patriots fan, you cheer like hell for your team regardless of who’s in those uniforms.

You watch NFL games when you have no cheering interest in either time team. Why? Because it’s football, and Americans love football. We love the violence and the big plays.

Listen, I’m not trying to sell you on the XFL. If you’re like me and football from August to February is enough, that’s fine.

If you’re one of those people who can’t get enough football in six months, then you oughta enjoy the XFL.