Mike Norvell reflects on first signing class with Seminoles

Mike Norvell reflects on first signing class with Seminoles

Florida State head coach Mike Norvell has been on the job less than two months, but already his first signing period in Tallahassee has come and gone. Norvell joined “XL Primetime” on 1010XL to discuss his thoughts on the Seminoles 2020 signing class.

“I think we have been able to address some needs at a variety of different positions,” Norvell said. “Really pleased with not only the skill set of the young men we are bringing into the program, but also the character of them as well.

“These guys are hardworking leaders on their football teams, whether it’s high school, or a couple junior college guys. These guys are going to be a great group that I believe will begin to set the foundation of where we are going.”

Norvell was asked about juniors Marvin Wilson and Tamorrion Terry both deciding to put the NFL on hold and return to Florida State for their senior seasons.

“Those were definitely the two key figures for any signing day,” Norvell said. “To get those guys back to be part of these teams, not only the great players that they are, but the leaders that they are for our program, it really meant a lot for their belief in this coaching staff and what we are doing here.

“Both of those guys were very highly thought of at the next level and they see the value of being able to come back and grow and develop and take this team moving forward to the next level. I’m definitely proud of the both of them for the decision that they made and it’s been fun watching them work.”

Norvell had the opportunity to spend time with former Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden and he was asked about that experience.

“It was really surreal because that is one of the greats of all time,” Norvell said. “To be able to share a moment with him, just talking about his experiences and the things that drove him to have that sustained success over all those years, I told him what an honor it was just to have the opportunity.

“Every single day we are going to work our tails off to represent him and what he built in the right way. He was incredibly kind to myself and our staff for just taking the time to come and be a part of that day.”

Finally, Norvell talked about what it means to him to be the head football coach at Florida State University.

“It’s special and it’s definitely very humbling to have this opportunity,” Norvell said. “It’s one that I know the responsibility that comes with it is something that I embrace. Just like I tell our team, every day I try and come out and be the greatest example of who we are, but also with the aspirations of where we are going.

“All I’m trying to do every day is be the best version of myself and represent this program and the unbelievable tradition that we have in a first class fashion.”

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