LAMM AT LARGE: Opinions differ on second home game to London

LAMM AT LARGE: Opinions differ on second home game to London

By: David Lamm

I ran into a friend the other day who’s an avid Jaguars fan and a long time, multi-season ticket holder. He had not heard about the Jaguars playing a second home game in London, starting this season.

Surprise, then disappointment, flashed across his face. Then came the anger.

“That’s it,” he blurted. “I’m never buying season tickets again.”

Later, I saw another friend and Jaguars season-ticket holder.

“I’m cool with it,” he said. “I usually only go to 5-6 home games a year anyway. I hope they play the London game in September. I won’t miss the heat.”

I suspect the responses I got are typical of the fan base at large. Some mad, some okay.

The London games create more revenue that could help make the Jaguars more competitive. Yet, they could indicate Shad Khan’s interest in eventually moving the team.

My only advice: Enjoy the moment. The games you have.

National Signing Day

The two national sign days for college football talent have come and gone and recruiting experts are compiling their lists of which teams did the best.

Amazingly, college fans celebrate and bemoan such things as their teams being ranked No. 2 or No. 11

I’m not going to say the rankings are meaningless. How about saying they don’t mean much . . .  and that’s becoming truer each year.

Let’s say your team missed out on that 5-star run-pass quarterback from Hogwash, Miss. Be patient because he may be transferring to your school next year or the next. That’s now true of players at every position.

I ask you to be patient because the athletes aren’t. If they don’t get immediate playing time, they start looking for a greener pasture.

This year’s Final Four had three teams with transfer quarterbacks. That shouldn’t be ignored or forgotten.