LAMM AT LARGE: How will LV top LIV?

LAMM AT LARGE: How will LV top LIV?

By: David Lamm

What can the NFL do for an encore? How much bigger, more spectacular and, yes, over the top can the Super Bowl be presented?

The game was wonderful, the 49ers charging out to a double-digit lead, the Chiefs seemingly ending their hopes and then the Chiefs with their once-in-a-lifetime quarterback, Patrick Mahomes roaring back to win the game.

The game –supposedly the reason we watch – was surrounded by wonderful military tributes and music. There was a spectacular halftime show; the Puppy Bowl; the Cat Bowl; and shows on a dozen non-sports networks.

I found myself watching the halftime show. It wasn’t for the music. I prefer Merle Haggard. But for obvious reasons. No doubt Jennifer Lopez has a lot of 50-year-olds beginning diets and workout programs today.

And I haven’t even mentioned the commercials.

And now on to other things. The NFL season is over. Patrick Mahomes has made the trip to Disney World.

My main focus will turn to college basketball, one of my favorite sports since growing up in North Carolina and rooting for the mighty Tar Heels.

I know we have to be careful not to overstate things. You know, the best, the worst, a day we’ll never forget. That kind of thing.

But . . . has there ever been a college basketball season with so many teams who could win the championship? There is no best team, but a bunch a good ones and another bunch of teams capable of getting hot.

FSU is among the good ones. Deep and athletic. Excel on defense. The Seminoles just have to figure how to play half-court offense.

Florida is on my list of capable teams. If the Gator shooters get hot . . .

March should be a blast.