LAMM AT LARGE: College football’s growing problem

LAMM AT LARGE: College football’s growing problem

By: David Lamm

Another college football season has ended, one that brought us some of the best games and greatest players we’ve ever seen.

So why are university presidents and athletic directors going back behind closed doors, trying to figure out how to stop a disturbing trend: declining attendance?

It isn’t a punch-in-gut trend. It isn’t time to hit the panic button. But if your stock portfolio was in such a trend, you’d be worried.

The eye test keeps telling us there are a lot of empty seats. We see it each week on TV?

Our eyes aren’t lying. A recent investigative story by Sports Illustrated grabbed my intention.

Clemson, Ohio State and Florida are among those power teams losing ticket-buyers. Few games were sellouts among them. Notre Dame had its first non-sellout in more than two decades.

The answers start with disinterest by the students. But it goes well beyond the young folks.