LAMM AT LARGE: College football constantly changing

LAMM AT LARGE: College football constantly changing

By: David Lamm

College football has constantly changed over the years but not like now.

The changes are coming at warp speed, coming so fast I don’t think many fans even realize or comprehend their impact.

In just the last three years:

• Players routinely skip their bowls games looking ahead to the NFL draft.
• Players often get immediate eligibility when going through the transfer portal, almost like free agents.
• Nick Bosa was injured early in the season and chose not to return to Ohio State later in the year, preferring to begin prepping for the draft. How quickly does that become a trend?
• E’Riq Rice decides to redshirt four games into his senior season. More time to hone his NFL skills?
• Now “Fair Pay for Play” is law. How will that impact recruiting and kill team chemistry?
What’s next?