LAMM AT LARGE: Jalen Ramsey and Christian McCaffery

LAMM AT LARGE: Jalen Ramsey and Christian McCaffery

By: David Lamm

There are two things going on in the NFL that everyone thinks, but no one will say out loud in public.

I’m talking about Jalen Ramsey’s back and Christian McCaffery, a white guy, being league’s the best running back at this point in the season.

First, Ramsey’s back.

I’m sure his back aches. I’m sure a lot of NFL players have aching backs this time of year. By the time we’re in the second half of the season there’ll be few players without major aches and pain. The NFL is a physically brutal sport.

I’m positive Ramsey could play if he wanted to. He has no trouble flying around the country. What else is he doing that would test an injured back?

It’s a touchy situation for a team to question a player who says he’s injured, but, at some point, Ramsey has to play or be suspended. As I’ve said before, I wouldn’t trade him. Call me buttheaded or stupid, but, if I ran the Jaguars, I’d challenge him until hell freezes.

Second, McCaffery. Can the NFL’s best running back be a white guy? Holy John Riggins, can that be true?

He has been a major force since being draft 8th overall, the second running back drafted that year. The Jaguars drafted Leonard Fournette 4th.

He has improved every year. Last year in rushed for 1,098 yards and caught 107 passes. He’s currently the leading rusher in the NFL and one of the top receivers.

I trust you know what he did Sunday against the Jaguars?

His play stands out because it’s remarkable and because he’s white. White running backs are rare in all levels of football. They’ve practically been extinct in the NFL for nearly 50 years.

Since 1980, only a handful of the top runners were white and most of them were fullbacks when teams actually had running fullbacks. Riggins (’84), Craig James (’85), Mike Alstott (’99), Peyton Hillis (’10) and McCaffery (’18) are the only white guys to have 1,000-yard seasons in nearly 40 years.

Only white cornerbacks are rarer than white running backs.

Already well established, McCaffery could be putting together the kind of season that’ll move him to the top of the running back class. A white back hasn’t made that claim since the ‘50s, the days of Rick Casares and Alan Ameche.

So, you can quit whispering when talking about Ramsey and McCaffery.

Ramsey is faking and McCaffery is making history.