Former NFL GM explains how he’d handle Jalen Ramsey trade demand

Former NFL GM explains how he’d handle Jalen Ramsey trade demand

Mark Dominik was a general manager in the NFL for five seasons from 2009-2013 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He now can be heard on Sirius NFL Radio and has also worked at ESPN.

Dominik joined “XL Primetime” this week to give his unique perspective of the Jalen Ramsey situation. How would he have handled Ramsey’s trade demand?

“I think the most important thing you have to do is get back with his agent and talk to him one-on-one as a general manager to an agent,” Dominik told 1010XL. “That’s where I would start. Let’s have a conversation and my point would be that two months ago he showed up in a Brink’s truck as kind of a joke and then we got to him feeling disrespected on the sideline, but there still has to be some common ground.

“I would want to start with that conversation and see where it is and then I would also want to sit with Jalen himself and remind him that he is the CEO of Jalen Ramsey Inc. He’s a great player and there has to be a common ground to be found.”

Dominik was asked in situations like this, are the Jaguars themselves making phone calls to other teams, or do they let the calls come to them?

“The Jaguars are not calling teams,” Dominik said. “I would not be picking up a phone at all because then you’re just creating an opportunity for any player to ask for a trade and you will be able to get out of here.

“I would never pick up the phone and start calling 31 other clubs and ask, ‘what would you give me for Jalen,’ because I think it makes you look weak in negotiations. I’m waiting for the word to go out that if people are really sincere and have interest, they can always call because I can always say ‘no,’ but I can at least hear what it is.

“I think you play it coy as a general manager in this situation and you let the phone calls come to you, so you can still stay in control of your decision.”

Dominik also talked about if he were still a general manager in the NFL, would he pick up the phone and call the Jaguars about Ramsey?

“If I were still with the two teams I worked with, I would absolutely call Jacksonville and talk to Dave Caldwell and ask is he on the market, with the understanding that we are having a private conversation,” Dominik said. “Is he on the market and what is the compensation you are actually looking for and if we do get close, am I allowed to speak to the agent?

“Those are the things you need to know because you obviously are not going to trade for Jalen Ramsey unless you can talk to the agent and make sure you have a deal in place. You’re not going to give up that type of collateral unless you know you have a player that is coming and is signed up for the next five-years.”

Finally, Dominik was asked about the relationship between Ramsey and the Jaguars and after all this news has gone public, can that relationship be repaired?

“You would be surprised how much money can fix a relationship, let me tell you,” Dominik said laughing. “I’ve seen it before and I’ve been in negotiations with an agent that is screaming and yelling and telling me how I’m being unreasonable and how this is going to fracture our relationship and two, or three weeks later we get the deal done and that agent is in my office with his shoes up on the desk saying this is great, I’m so happy, we work so well together.

“Money changes people quickly and there is a lot of pride in that. It’s not the healthiest thing, but that is the reality. So, do I think it can be fixed? Absolutely.”

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