LAMM AT LARGE: Will Jaguars turmoil worsen?

LAMM AT LARGE: Will Jaguars turmoil worsen?

By: David Lamm

Regardless of what side you’re on, the Jaguars are a mess only two games into the season. It could become messier.

Any signs of healing need to start against the Titans. Don’t hold your breath.

The most obvious question is whether or not the team’s locker room is divided? Who’s standing behind their coach, Doug Marrone? Who’s siding with the Jaguars best player, Jalen Ramsey? Is there any chance of peace between the two?

Ramsey’s sideline tantum against the Texans and then his demand to be traded has left Marrone in a near no-win situation. Coddling his star sets a bad, bad precedent. Trading one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL means robbing a mediocre team of one of its few assets.

Ramsey was WRONG to blow up at Marrone on the sideline because Marrone didn’t challenge a play Ramsey thought would be overturned. Touching his coach was way over the line.

Feeling disrespected by his coach was stupid. If you disagree with someone, does that mean you’ve disrespected him? Of course not, in case you pondering that last question.

Maybe Marrone ought to be fired for not doing a good coaching job. The blame for the team’s on-going lack of discipline falls on coach.

Even if Marrone and Ramsey somehow patch up their issues (don’t expect that to happen), there are more issues that put the rest of the season in jeopardy.

Losing their free agent quarterback, Nick Foles, on the season’s 5th play was a major blow unless Gardner Minshew performs a near-miracle. Sixth-round draft picks simply don’t step in as rookies and play winning football.

Injuries to an already mediocre offensive line are hurting. Former first-rounder Taven Bryant has yet to develop. Telvin Smith’s unexpected “retirement” has hurt an already suspect group of linebackers. Two new starters at safety have been up and down. There’s still no healthy, productive tight end.
Leonard Fournette remains as average as average can be.

Both coordinators have been called into question.

The last thing this team needed was another problem.

You have to wonder if Ramsey’s blowup was a calculated move to force a trade. He has said he loves being a Jaguar but that apparently was lip service. He has promised to continue playing his best as a Jaguar. More lip service?

He clearly has influenced other players. Several players, including MLB Myles Jack, attended his press conference earlier this week to cheer him on. That seldom happens in the NFL. Were those players there to support Ramsey or show their disdain for Marrone?

Watch between the lines tonight to see if the cracks get bigger.