LAMM AT LARGE: Jaguars, sadly, picking up where they left off

LAMM AT LARGE: Jaguars, sadly, picking up where they left off

By: David Lamm

When I got past Nick Foles’ injury, Gardner Minshew’s surprisingly good play, and D.J. Chark’s breakout game, what I saw in the Jaguars’ lopsided loss to the Chiefs should be of major concern to Jaguars fans.

There was a distinct lack of discipline, as usual. We saw the same thing in 2017, but the Jaguars got away with it. We saw it last season when the teams collapsed.

Now, we see it again.

It isn’t just the penalties. It’s the constant mouthing, the unnecessary push or grab after seemingly every play. Occasional trash talking is, whether you like it or not, part of the game. Playing hard, of course, is what all fans expect.

But the Jaguars don’t know when to say when. Who’s the blame?

On the field you can point your finger at two of the team’s best players, Leonard Fournette and Jalen Ramsey. Their actions seem to have infected other players. What Myles Jack did against the Chiefs was totally out of character.

You can bet opponents take advantage of the Jaguars’ lack of discipline. Give them a little nudge and they’ll go off. The Jaguars have become easy prey.

The ultimate blame goes to the coach, Doug Maronne. Teaching and enforcing discipline should be high on every coach’s must-do list.

If Maronne’s trying to teach discipline, no one is paying attention.

In the case of the Jaguars, Maronne shares the blame with Tom Coughlin. A major reason Coughlin was brought back to Jacksonville, this time to run the football operation, was his reputation as Mr. Discipline.

The “old” Coughlin wouldn’t tolerate these Jaguars.