LAMM AT LARGE: Jaguars in more trouble than I thought

LAMM AT LARGE: Jaguars in more trouble than I thought

By: David Lamm

My biggest takeaway from the Jaguars’ first exhibition last week was they need Nick Foles more than I imagined.

The three quarterbacks vying for the backup quarterback job were . . . well, they were awful.

The biggest disappointment was this year’s 6th Round draft pick, Gardner Minshew.

The book on Minshew is he has a below average NFL arm. That showed time and time again against the Ravens.

The deep sideline pass is the one scouts most use to rate NFL prospects. If a quarterback has the arm to make that throw, his arm is good enough to succeed in the league. Well, every deep sideline throw I saw Minshew make he was short.

Lee and McGough did nothing to distinguish themselves.

It’s no secret that if Foles doesn’t play well it doesn’t really matter what everybody else does. He’s got to carry the load.

Based on his entire career, it’s reasonable to wonder how much of a load can he carry? He has been an average to slightly above average since leaving college at Arizona. Expecting him to be a savior for the franchise for asking for a bit much.

The hope there might be some relief for him looks worse by the day. Maybe that’ll change Thursday when the Jaguars host the Eagles. I’m not counting on it.