Jaguars coach Doug Marrone updates Yannick Ngakoue holdout

Jaguars coach Doug Marrone updates Yannick Ngakoue holdout

By Hays Carlyon

Jaguars third-year coach Doug Marrone started off training camp with a five-minute opening statement covering a variety of topics. Marrone started with the most obvious – the holdout of fourth-year defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, who is seeking a lucrative contract extension.

Ngakoue’s holdout is on its second day after he didn’t report Wednesday and missed Thursday’s opening practice. Marrone said he understands the business side of football and is staying out of it.

“I’ve been in touch with Yannick,” Marrone said. “We’ve been talking to him, and then again, it’s just between Yannick and his agent, management, contracts, but he’s working hard. He’s trying to get this thing done. We’re trying to get this thing done. We’re excited for him. He’s going to come. He’ll report. I don’t know when. I know it will be before a certain date.”

Ngakoue has until Aug. 9 to report and still earn an accrued season.

Marrone did say that he still has not heard from linebacker Telvin Smith, who is on the Reserve/Retired list after deciding not to play this season and forego his $9.75 million

Marrone updated the health status on a couple key offensive players.

WR Marqise Lee (knee):

“He’s doing well,” Marrone said. “I think what I’ll do is when it becomes the time two or three days prior to when he’s ready to get on the field I’ll probably say, ‘Hey, we’re expecting him to be on the field with the team.’ But I think everyone here is going to be able to see him on the side working out, so you’ll see where he is.”

LT Cam Robinson (knee):

Cam Robinson, the same way. Both those guys are doing well,” Marrone said. “There’s been no setbacks with him, and you’ll be able to see those guys on the side working and again, we’re excited for them to come back and be with us somewhere during this training camp. I don’t know the exact time, but some day during this training camp they’ll be practicing and obviously those guys are important for us as we go into the season.”

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Marrone did say linebacker Jake Ryan (knee) suffered a setback away from the facility during the break.

“We had a setback during the summer,” Marrone said. “We’re really not sure exactly when he’s going to be able to come back or when he’s going to go. So, we’re just going to see where it is and go out and test it. It’s unfortunate because he’s worked really hard and he really hasn’t been on the field with us and he’s really frustrated with that, but hopefully we can get through this and get him on the field.”

Marrone said Ryan does not need surgery.

The Jaguars took rookie running back Ryquell Armstead (hamstring) off PUP after a technical snafu with a GPS device that monitors workload. He participated in the first practice.

“So, what happened was we had a misread by the condition (GPS device),” Marrone said. “So, when we were talking about putting him on PUP, and then we officially did, and then all of a sudden we retested it because we knew there must have been a malfunction, boom, he was fine. We took him off, and he’s ready to go. That’s what happened there.”

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