LAMM AT LARGE: This and that

LAMM AT LARGE: This and that

By: David Lamm

I’ve always supported Title IX. I’m for women getting equal pay with men.

But on the latter, there are a few factors that must be considered:

If the job is basically the same.

If their efficiency doing the job is basically the same.

If the experience is about the same.

Then there are professions – such as big-time sports – where there’s another major factor: How much revenue do they generate?

The only women’s sport that has basically the same financial clout as the men is tennis. And the women are paid the same as the men even though they play two-set matches instead of three like the men. That’s a head-scratcher.

The only women’s sport that outperforms the men is soccer. America’s national women’s team is the best in the world, Yet, year-round, the women generate considerably less revenue – four or five times less – than the men.

So why do they deserve equal pay?


The most competitive of the big-time sports is pro golf. If you’re qualified for any pro tour, you’re talented enough to win on any level.

The least competitive is big-time college football.

There are 130 schools in the Football Bowl System (FBS), the sport’s top level. Of that number, you’d be hard-pressed to find 50 teams that make an effort – that means spend the money – to win a national championship.

The other 80-plus are merely punching bags, even in their own conferences. There are a bunch of Power 5 schools included in the group.

That’s why some people have screamed for years about a super division, including only those schools that have presidents who wouldn’t faint if presented with a $15-million football budget. Understand there are schools with budgets well bigger than $20-million.

Under such a system, I’d allow the schools to play only other schools in the super division. Then have a real playoff among the top eight.

That would be a competitive sport.

Football is coming

July the 4th is behind us. The long NBA season is over and the free agent frenzy is down to whimper. MLB is just beginning its second half.

Even those of you who aren’t obsessed with football are beginning to have visions of the gridiron in your head.

NFL training camps open in about two weeks. The college’s preseason training begins soon after.
Soon we’ll start getting answers to questions that dominate our thoughts.

Is Nick Foles the answer at quarterback for the Jaguars?

Will Josh Rosen be the answer is Miami?

Can Jameis Winston bounce back in Tampa Bay?

Can Feleipe Franks continue to improve for the Gators?

Who’s going to quarterback the Seminoles?

Can Tom Brady and Drew Brees shine for another season?

Yeah, 2019 football is on the horizon.