Natrone Means recalls special 1996 Jaguars season

Natrone Means recalls special 1996 Jaguars season

The Jacksonville Jaguars enter their 25th year as an NFL franchise and with that “XL Primetime” on 1010XL is going down memory lane with some of the greats from the past 25 seasons. Natrone Means only played 28 games in a Jaguar uniform from 1996-1997, but the impact of his time here is still felt over two decades later.

Natrone accounted for 357 all-purpose yards and a pair of touchdowns in arguably the Jaguars two most memorable wins of all-time: over Buffalo and Denver during the 1996 NFL playoffs.

Means joined “XL Primetime” to reflect back on his time in Jacksonville.

“That was a very special time for me and my career,” Means told 1010XL. “Especially coming from San Diego where we didn’t have a good breakup at the time and then coming to Jacksonville with a bunch of guys looking to establish themselves and continue their NFL careers.

“To go on the run like we did and win some big games on the road in Buffalo and in Denver, you can’t help but bring back those great times and great memories.”

You cannot tell the story of the Jacksonville Jaguars without mentioning Natrone Means.

“It’s always a great feeling to know that fans, former players and former teammates respect your work on the field,” Means said. “I just remember getting to Jacksonville, coming from San Diego and not really knowing what to expect with a startup franchise with only one year under its belt.

“You had a lot of guys that came together in a short period of time and were able to do something very extraordinary. We were able to catch lightning in a bottle and win some games. Even though we ultimately fell short, those were some special times in my life and it was a season that I will never forget.”

Means was asked what he remembers most about the city of Jacksonville.

“What I do remember about Jacksonville is how hot it was,” Means said. “Coming from San Diego you had to manufacture sweat by the beach with 85 degrees and no humidity and then I get dropped off in Jacksonville and I think I got down to 230 which was the lightest I had been since college.

“I remember getting folded up by a 200-pound safety on the goal line in Chris Hudson. So once Chris Hudson folded me up on the goal line I knew it was too hot in Jacksonville and I had dropped too much weight.”

Finally, Means was asked about his relationship with Tom Coughlin, who was Means’ head coach during his time here in Jacksonville.

“I don’t know if I would call it great, but I definitely got along with Coach Coughlin,” Means said. “I could respect Coach Coughlin for the simple fact that he didn’t treat anybody different. If he got on one he got on everybody and nobody was safe from his wrath. From the top guys in the organization all the way down to the ball boys he knew what he wanted and it was going to be his way. He treated everybody the same so he didn’t show favoritism and that is something I can respect.”

Means is still is around the game of football serving as the running back coach and offensive coordinator at Winston Salem State University.

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