LAMM AT LARGE: NFL teams gearing up for worst

LAMM AT LARGE: NFL teams gearing up for worst

By: David Lamm

NFL players are winding down for their summer break, which lasts 4-6 weeks depending on the team.

Meanwhile, the teams’ security staffs are preparing for the time they dread the most.

Players can get in trouble year-round, but it is this upcoming stretch that hovers over teams like a black cloud.

Think about this: Young men with more money than they can spend enjoying exotic vacations in places like the Caribbean or Las Vegas, partying with beautiful women. Or hanging around home, bored and looking for something to do.

Both are recipes for occasional trouble: Too much to drink, driving under the influence, women at their beck and call.

The dreaded 2 a.m. call is like waiting for the hammer to fall.

The coaches are nervous; the security staff is on standby alert.

They can’t wait for preseason training camp when they regain some control over their gladiators.