LAMM AT LARGE: Time for Rays to leave town

LAMM AT LARGE: Time for Rays to leave town

By: David Lamm

A professional sports franchise isn’t like your typical business – hamburger stand, car dealership, etc. – but it is a business. People either like your product or they don’t. They don’t have to have reasons why.

I bring this up because last week the Tampa Bay Rays attracted the smallest crowd in their history. A measly 5,786 people showed up to watch the Rays plays the Blue Jays. The Rays have always performed better on the field than at the box-office.

I can’t imagine living in an area with a Major League Baseball team and not going to 40-50 games a year. That’s because I love baseball unconditionally. It doesn’t matter what teams; it doesn’t matter whether those teams are good or bad.

That doesn’t mean I expect you to love baseball. People like what they like. To judge them is the epitome of being selfish.

The result is the people of the Tampa Bay area have been hammered by much of the sports media – which has a vested interest — for their lack of support.

Regardless of the reasons – stadium, location, whatever – it’s time for the Rays to move to another town.