LAMM AT LARGE: Warriors no lock to win NBA Finals

LAMM AT LARGE: Warriors no lock to win NBA Finals

By: David Lamm

I don’t have the guts to pick against Golden State in the NBA Final, but I hope the Warriors lose. It’s nothing personal. I don’t dislike the Warriors or like their opponent, Toronto. In fact, I’m neutral on all 30 NBA teams.

I don’t argue that the Warriors are the NBA’s best team, but they’ve shown enough flaws this season to make me wonder why almost everyone has them waltzing to another championship, sweeping the Raptors or winning in five games.

The Warriors won an ultra-competitive series against the Rockets in six games. Even in sweeping Portland, they trailed by 15 points or more in three games.

Throughout the season and the Playoffs, the Warriors have shown a tendency to lose focus. Their long-range bombers, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, have had cold spells. They lack a defensive rim protector. And their best player, Kevin Durant, hasn’t played in a month. Did I mention all-star center DeMarcus Cousins hasn’t played for months?

Meanwhile, the Raptors have the playoff’s best player in Kawhi Leonard and are playing the best team defense. Fred VanFleet has been the best sub in the playoffs with his phenomenal 3-point shooting.
Absolutely, the Raptors can win.

I’ll be surprised if the series doesn’t go at least six games, maybe seven.