LAMM AT LARGE: Should Yannick Ngakoue be risking injury in OTAs?

LAMM AT LARGE: Should Yannick Ngakoue be risking injury in OTAs?

By: David Lamm

Yannick Ngakoue has been an outstanding player in his first three NFL seasons. His potential ceiling is above the clouds.

The Jaguars pass-rusher also seems to be the kind of player every fan wants. He talks about his love of the game, the competition, being part of a team and a desire to be a leader. How many players publicly declare they want to be a team captain?

He’s also taking a risk, playing out his rookie contract and not having that mega second contract he seems destined to get. But risk is something every football player takes every time he steps on the field, regardless of the level? It’s a violent sport.

Weighing chance of injury against another contract is always a gamble. Ngakoue’s gamble is simply bigger than most.

So, is Ngakoue smart or dumb?

I vote for smart, and probably not for the reasons you think. Being there will make negotiating a new contract less contentious and could make it happen sooner than later.

Who’s next on PGA Tour

If Jack Nicklaus was a generational player, Tiger was a once-in-10-lifetimes player. Regrettably, Tiger will never be Tiger again.

Who’s next?

You probably think you know where this I going, but maybe not. Sure, Brooks Koepka looks poised now to be holding that flag, but haven’t we learned our lesson yet?

When Tiger first faded, we were convinced Rory McIlroy, the young Northern Irishman with all the curly locks stuffed under his cap, seemingly grabbed that mantle.

But before you could say “fore!”, Jordan Spieth grabbed it and appeared to be ready to hold it for years. But he cooled or did Jason Day take it away – for a brief time? Then everyone agreed Dustin Johnson was the embodiment of the future golfer: Big, power, accurate and with soft hands.

Now Koepka. What he’s done the last 23 months in unprecedented. He’s another version of DJ, only smarter. How long can he keep it going?

Until the next phenom steps to the first tee and takes it away.