LAMM AT LARGE: NFL GMs need to rethink Draft strategy

LAMM AT LARGE: NFL GMs need to rethink Draft strategy

By: David Lamm

I understand it’s better to have OTAs than not have them. Something good could come out of them. I’ll admit that’s possible.

From my perch, the biggest benefit is keeping the NFL in the news. I don’t know how much more popular the NFL can get, but it’s obvious the league isn’t taking any chances.

Slowly, and right before our eyes, the NFL has become a year-round sport with incredible media coverage. There’s the preseason and the season, late July through the first week of February. Then there’s the Scouting Combine, followed by free agency, the draft and those OTAs. They take us to early to mid-June.

Finally, a real break: mid-June to mid-July . . . and we start all over again.

The media sells it and the fans buy it. Jaguars fans, for instance, are clamoring to see Nick Foles, Josh Allen and the gang if only from a distance and running around in their shorts.

You gotta tip your hat to the NFL marketeers. If the league sold stock, I’d buy every bit I could.

A typical conversation between two GMs must go something like this:

“What’ll you give me for this wide receiver? He’s 29, been to four straight Pro Bowls and averages 89 catches and 1,150 yards a season.”

“How about a 4th rounder? Hell, I’ll throw in a 6th rounder next year.”

“You trying to rob me? How about a . . .. errr, 2nd rounder and that 6th rounder.”

“Let me think about it.”

NFL teams love their draft picks – to excess, I think.

I know teams are best built through the draft, but free agency and trades are becoming more and more prevalent. Besides, are draft picks that valuable in exchange for proven players?

Look at the Jaguars’ 2nd-rounders in recent years: D.J. Chark, Cam Robinson, Myles Jack, T.J. Yeldon, Marqise Lee. Only Jack is a sure keeper; Robinson a maybe.

GMs need to rethink the way they do business.