LAMM AT LARGE: Yannick Ngakoue and Jaguars both right about his contract

LAMM AT LARGE: Yannick Ngakoue and Jaguars both right about his contract

By: David Lamm

Yannick Ngakoue deserves as much money as he can get and as soon as he can get it. That’s the American way. God bless America.

The Jaguars have no obligation to pay their young pass rusher any more than they’re contractually bound to do. That’s called business.

When words like “disrespected” and “insulting” are thrown into the discussion, that’s called b.s.

Ngakoue wants a new contract. He’s still playing on his rookie deal as a third-round draft pick.

Clearly, he’s played better than a third-rounder. There’s no doubt he will be greatly rewarded in the near future.

If he can’t understand that, he needs to grow up. It’s how the NFL works for good and bad.

Those who criticize the Jaguars are taking the position of unappreciated player vs. the giant, evil corporation.

What about all the players who’ve underperformed? Should their contracts be voided?

Professional sports have a ridiculous business model, but it works – so far.


I don’t like ties in football either. But I don’t loathe them as much as most of you do.

I’d rather see a tie than a game decided by a rigged-up overtime system. And the tie-breaking rules just got more rigged up in college football.

Now, entering the 5th overtime, the game will be decided by a play from the 2-yard line. A bowl bid, a conference title, maybe a national championship could come now to a 2-point play. If that happens in regulation time, well, that’s football. If it happens in a 5th overtime, that’s a joke.

An unfunny joke.

I realize it will seldom come to that. Only four games in the 2018 went into a 5th overtime. But it’s possible, and that’s no way to determine a winner and a loser.

I’ve never liked any overtime system. I had no problem with ties. The game at every level survived just fine before someone – probably a TV exec – decide otherwise.