Quincy Williams’ college coach surprised by his selection in 3rd round

Quincy Williams’ college coach surprised by his selection in 3rd round

The Jaguars surprised people with their selection of Murray State linebacker Quincy Williams in the third-round of the NFL Draft. Who is Quincy Williams and why did the Jaguars select him so highly?

Mitch Stewart is the head coach at Murray State and he joined “XL Primetime” to shed light on Williams.

“The first thing about Quincy that you have to understand is that he has a soft spot in my heart,” Stewart told 1010XL. “He was my last signee, my last recruit as an assistant coach, and I remember going through those battles trying to get him.

“He played running back and safety in high school and we were recruiting him as a safety, but had two other safeties on the board and I couldn’t get him approved because some of the defensive coaches were saying, ‘well I’d like these other two.’ So I finally told our head coach at the time, ‘listen, I’ll take him as a running back because we needed this kid on the team.’”

Stewart believes Williams is a throw-back style player.

“The biggest thing when you watch his tape is he has what I call, old school contact courage,” Stewart said. “This kid has always been different in that he never stops on contact. He legitimately runs through you and I can’t think of very many times during the course of his career, no matter who we played, that he ever got knocked back.

“He has great closing speed. He closes on the ball tremendously well and I think that’s because he plays without caution and he never stops his feet on contact.”

Stewart was asked about the best quality that Williams has as a football player.

“Aside from his natural ability, he’s very passionate about the game of football,” Stewart said. “He is very passionate about being good at it. He always has this passion not only in developing himself to be great, but also in developing this program.

“He’s going to be in the weight room and the class room and a lot of that comes because he still feels like he can whip his younger brother. If you ask him about Thanksgiving in the living room when it comes to arm wrestling who would win he will tell you him because he has that chip on his shoulder.”

Williams is the older brother of defensive lineman Quinnen Williams, who was drafted third-overall by the New York Jets out of the University of Alabama.

Stewart was also asked if he was surprised by the Jaguars selecting Williams in the third-round.

“You can ask Quincy, but I don’t think he and his family were planning on having a draft day party on day two,” Stewart said. “I think they were probably more so planning to have his party on day three. I could sit here and lie to you guys and say I wasn’t surprised, but I was. The third round, that’s a big deal and it shocked us a little bit, but as you guys will see when he gets down there and gets on the field, I truly believe he deserves that pick.”

“We did talk about the fact that he is going to have to be tough because there will be some people that say, ‘well, why did we take this FCS kid in the third round. Why did we take this unknown kid?’ So, I talked with him about that and about knowing who he is and being confident in who he is and going down there and proving to some of those people that he does belong.”

Williams will have a familiar face in Jacksonville when he arrives for rookie mini-camp as his college teammate, cornerback Marques Sanford, was signed by the Jaguars as an undrafted free agent.

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