LAMM AT LARGE: Time for Tom Coughlin to modernize

LAMM AT LARGE: Time for Tom Coughlin to modernize

By: David Lamm

Tom Coughlin seldom speaks publicly these days, but he did so twice in the last week.

I don’t know exactly why, but I was stunned as I listened to him. It was like a trip back in time – 25 years to be exact. Little has changed with the man now in charge of football operations for the Jaguars.

He’s a little grayer and there are a few more wrinkles. He remains incredibly fit, but he looks his age, 72.

I keep thinking TC is going to mellow. Because he’s no longer the coach, I assumed he looked at the big picture. That’s what administrators do.

But, no, Coughlin sounds just like he did in 1994 when he was hired to coach and run the Jaguars. He seems to have ignored the passing of time; the changes in the rules and the way players think.

Some say his insistence on building the Jaguars as a power running team illustrates how he’s stuck in the 90s.

The way it was then isn’t the way it is now. I hope TC starts to realize that, but I doubt it.

No love for linemen

No position is worse to play in all of sports than offensive line.

The offense line is first to get the blame when things go bad. It’s the last to get credit when things go well. Offensive linemen are invisible until they stink.

What offensive line recruit is celebrated except on signing day? It’s even worse in the NFL. Draft an offensive lineman high in the first round and the fans moans about the quarterback or wide receiver or pass-rusher they could have drafted.

Pick up some offensive linemen in the later rounds, right?

No, wrong. Huge, athletic behemoths don’t grow on trees. Most such young men are called fatso, not athletic.

If a team is convinced it’s discovered one, they’d better get him as soon as possible.

My point today is Jaguars fans should be prepared to be disappointed tonight. With the 7th pick, they could well put Jawaan Taylor’s or Jonah Williams’ name on the card they hand to Roger Goodell.