LAMM AT LARGE: Seahawks will regret Russell Wilson contract

LAMM AT LARGE: Seahawks will regret Russell Wilson contract

By: David Lamm

The Seahawks were crazy to give Russell Wilson his new contract, worth $140 million for 4 years.

You can argue now until Tiger wins his next major whether or not Wilson “deserved to be paid.” And I certainly think everyone should get as much as they can. That’s called capitalism.

But the issue here is called team-building, and can an NFL team build when one player – even the most important player, the quarterback – is getting a championship-caliber team roughly 18 percent of the salary cap?

That averages out to less than 2 percent per player for the other 52 players.

Under such circumstances, a team has to take some shortcuts. Building depth in an injury-prone sport is nearly impossible.

Look at the NFL’s most successful franchise of the 21st Century, the Patriots. Their quarterback, Tom Brady, the best of all-time, is far from the highest paid quarterback. Wisely, Brady likes good help to lean on.

NASCAR Struggles

The question now isn’t how to fix NASCAR; it’s whether or not NASCAR can be fixed.

The American boom sports of the 1990s and the first few years of the 21st Century continues to decline at an alarming rate. Both fans and sponsors are fleeing like rats escaping a sinking ship.

Did you see the empty seats at Bristol last weekend? Not just scattered empty seats but thousands of them at a track that was once sold out months in advance. The recent Richmond race was about as bad.

The Daytona 500, once one of the toughest tickets in sports, has been selling tickets on race day in recent years.

I have a good friend who still goes to a lot of races. He just shakes his head when asked about the state of NASCAR.

Ask 10 people why NASCAR has declined so badly, and you’ll likely get 10 different answers. NASCAR officials have tried a lot of remedies with no success.

Maybe NASCAR was simply a fad – like the hoopla hoop.