LAMM AT LARGE: Leonard Fournette’s latest mistake can’t be shrugged off

LAMM AT LARGE: Leonard Fournette’s latest mistake can’t be shrugged off

By: David Lamm

Leonard Fournette’s latest misstep shouldn’t be shrugged off as just “boys being boys” or immaturity.
Individually, none of Fournette’s off-the-field issues amounts to much. Collectively, they paint a picture of a self-indulgent problem child who can’t be counted on as a reliable teammate.

And from what I’m told, we’ve only privy to the tip of the iceberg of Fournette’s missteps.

My source tells me he has repeatedly been stopped driving recklessly, at least once being clocked at driving nearly 100 mph on Butler Blvd. and let off the hook because he’s a Jaguar player.

There’s clearly a pattern of Fournette being treated special, no doubt dating back to high school and LSU, to the point where he assumes others will clean up his mess or ignore it.

The Jaguars are walking on thin ice if they counting on him to lead them to NFL glory.

On to the Draft…

Finally, we can discuss the NFL draft will some sound reasoning, not simply wild, throw-it-against-the-wall guesswork.

With the draft less than a week away, free agency is done, for the moment, and team’s needs are clearer than ever.

The Jaguars hope they fixed their quarterback problem by signing Nick Foles. Kyler Murray and Dewayne Haskins are out of the picture.

Holes remain in the offensive line, defensive line, linebacker, running back and receiver. Biggest need? Receiver, and that includes tight end.

In fact, from the outside looking in, drafting Iowa tight end T.J. Hockenson appears to be the best pick with the No. 7 selection. Is it too high for a tight end? It was 20 years ago but not now.

In today’s game, an elite tight end is a quarterback’s best friend.

I’m betting Foles is hoping to hear Hockenson’s name called.