LAMM AT LARGE: Masters preview

LAMM AT LARGE: Masters preview

By: David Lamm

The arrogance is so thick you can cut it with a Georgia butter knife.

The tradition is so pronounced you’d think its members still lived in the 19th century.

The rules may seem silly, but they are rigidly enforced.

There are so many reasons not to like August National Golf Club, its members and its premier tune-a-mint.

So, why do I love it so much? Why is Masters Sunday my single favorite sports day of the year?
I’m on the final tee box of life, but I like to think I’m somewhat progressive. I don’t understand social media and X-Box, but I recognize their impact and don’t think they’re ruining our young generation.

Maybe I admire the Masters so much is because it stands alone. It’s frozen in time and apologizes to no one.

No commercialism – you won’t see a Pepsi or Budweiser or any kind of sign on the property.

Inexpensive concessions – Get a sandwich and soda and get change for $5.

In many ways you can’t tell this year’s Masters from, say, 1960.

Well, there’ll be no Arnold Palmer.

If you listen to most of the golf experts, you might as well slip a green coat on Rory McIlroy right now.

Repeatedly, I’ve heard respected analysts use such words as “overwhelming,” “clear-cut” and “unquestionably” in stating McIlroy’s chances this week.

You’d think Justin Rose, Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Brooks Koepka and, yes, Tiger Woods, weren’t showing up. Did I mention defending champion Patrick Reed, who easily outdueled McIlroy in the final twosome last year?

McIlroy has been on form this year. He won The Players and has seldom been out of the top 10.
But he’s never won the Masters despite several good opportunities. It’s the only major title he’s never won.

The Masters is the easiest major to win: Small field and short list of golfers capable of winning.
It is the perfect course for McIlroy.

Same for DJ, my pick.