Eagles insider Ike Reese: ‘Players love playing for Nick Foles’

Eagles insider Ike Reese: ‘Players love playing for Nick Foles’

The Jacksonville Jaguars made one of the biggest splashes in free agency with the addition of quarterback Nick Foles. Foles, who helped lead Philadelphia to a Super Bowl title in 2018, is set to sign a four-year, $88 million contract with the Jaguars.

Ike Reese played seven seasons with the Eagles from 1998-2004 and is now a sports radio host on WIP Radio in Philadelphia. He joined “XL Primetime” on 1010XL to discuss what he feels Foles will bring to Jacksonville.

“I’m happy for him,” Reese told 1010XL. “He is going to a team that looks like that are committed to him and they believe in him. Couldn’t happen to a better guy because all of us up here are Nick Foles fans.

“We wanted to see him land on his feet and obviously, the rumors about Jacksonville have been out there for a while, so it was good to see that come to fruition. I’m happy for him and I’m a Jags fan now.”

Reese was asked what type of player the Jaguars are getting in Foles.

“As a player, he’s much better at this stage of his career than he was earlier when he was in St. Louis,” Reese said. “I think you are getting a guy that has been through the ups and downs of playing quarterback in this league. He has seen the highs and he has seen the lows.

“He thought about leaving the game, but I think coming back here sort of restored his confidence and I think leading a team to the super bowl and winning the super bowl has his confidence soaring.

Reese also talked up Foles’ intangibles.

“When the stakes are at their highest, he is his calmest,” Reese said. “He is the type of quarterback that you need in this league. He will never get to low and is always uplifting.

“He’s a good locker room guy and spreads credit around. He is exactly what Jacksonville needs and one thing that I have learned is players love playing for Nick Foles. When you have that ability to inspire your teammates because of the way you carry yourself, there is no phoniness about Nick Foles.

How much help do the Jaguars need to give Foles for him to succeed?

“I think every quarterback in this league will tell you they need weapons around them,” Reese said. “You need a good offensive line that is going to protect. You need a running game so that everything is not on the quarterback’s shoulders.

“Then you need playmakers at the skill positions where he can trust that his guys are going to make plays. There are very few quarterbacks where you can put them on any team, or in any situation and they’re going to be a playoff team or a title contending team.

“If you’re talking about winning a championship and I know that’s why they brought (Foles) to Jacksonville, he’s going to need help. I think every quarterback needs that to ultimately win a Super Bowl.”

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