Maurice Jones-Drew discusses Nick Foles and Leonard Fournette

Maurice Jones-Drew discusses Nick Foles and Leonard Fournette

Former Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew joined “XL Primetime” on 1010XL to discuss a variety of topics surrounding the Jaguars, beginning with his thoughts on the Nick Foles rumors.

“Well, it makes sense,” Jones-Drew told 1010XL of a possible deal brining Foles to Jacksonville. “I think the contract is going to be the biggest issue. Are you going to pay Nick Foles that 25-plus million-dollar range? I don’t know because once you do that it will kind of handicap you a little bit, but if it’s in that 20 million-dollar range I think it’s a good deal.”

Jones-Drew was asked how vital it will be to surround Foles with talent if he indeed is coming to Jacksonville.

“I think that what you will do in free agency and in the draft,” Jones-Drew said. “Right now you’re in the seventh position and you have the ability to go get a big time tight end, like a T.J. Hockenson out of Iowa.

“Then you go out in free agency and maybe bring in a couple wide receivers and another tight end and you just want to build around him. That’s the most important thing is you want to build around Nick Foles like any other quarterback.”

Jones-Drew was asked if he believed signing Foles was a knee-jerk reaction by the organization to win now instead of drafting a young quarterback of the future.

“I wouldn’t call it a knee-jerk reaction because I think it’s been thought out,” Jones-Drew said. “When you bring in John DeFilippo, who I played for in Oakland, he has had success with him being the quarterbacks coach in Philadelphia and he knows Nick Foles. That to me is a very intelligent decision.

“The second part is you also have to understand the player and Nick Foles hasn’t played well all the time. It’s their job to put players around him. It’s a perfect fit from the offensive coordinator standpoint. Now it’s time to go put players around him.”

Jones-Drew talked what type of offensive coordinator he believes the Jaguars are getting in DeFilippo.

“He’s a very detailed person,” Jones-Drew said. “He understands that it’s a player’s game and he is going to try the best he can to get his players the ball in space. They will also simplify some things in formations.

“I think that’s important because as a player you want to be comfortable and consistent in the things that you are doing. I think that is why you saw so much success with Nick Foles in Philadelphia and I would expect him to bring that attitude there as well.

“He also understands that, yes this is a business, but it’s also a football game, so you also need to have fun and enjoy the process. I think that is what he will bring.”
Finally, Jones-Drew talked about Leonard Fournette and what the Jaguars could potentially do in free agency to help their young running back.

“I haven’t had an opportunity to speak with Leonard,” Jones-Drew said. “When I came into the NFL I learned under Fred Taylor and I think it’s important to have guys like that in the locker room. People may not know this, but I copied everything Fred did. I trained with him, I ate with him. Everything he did I was trying to get knowledge from him.

“You want to have that veteran leadership and I think that is something they are lacking in that locker room. That’s why I think a guy like Frank Gore would do wonders for Leonard Fournette. I know Frank is coming to the end of his career, but if he wants to play, you bring him in there not only to get 10 or 15 plays a game, but to also mentor and guide your young running back.”

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