LAMM AT LARGE: ‘Fatso’ became athletic

LAMM AT LARGE: ‘Fatso’ became athletic

By: David Lamm

“Fatso” became athletic

Remember when the 250-pound guy in high school was called “Fatso” or “Giant”? He was as big as a boulder and about as athletic. Didn’t move much faster or quicker either.

Then we wake up one day and “Fatso” has gotten taller and bigger and faster and quicker.

What the hell is happening to the human race?

Admittedly there aren’t that many of these new giants but enough to stock football lines from high school to the pro game. Did you check out the numbers of the defensive linemen at the NFL Scouting Combine?

Mississippi State’s Montez Sweat is 6-6, 260 and ran a 4.41 40. That’s wide receiver fast. Michigan’s Rashan Gary is 6-5, 283 and ran a 4.58 40. with a 38” vertical. That’s mind-boggling.

They were the best but certainly not the only outstanding speed times and leaping numbers among the big men. Big linebackers are posting numbers WRs and running backs would be proud of.

How did we get so big and so fast?

Will Nick Foles end up in Jacksonville?

By now you’re probably heard about the likelihood of the Jaguars signing QB Nick Foles. It remains speculation because nothing can be official until next week.

The speculation, however, is now universally accepted because star “insiders” for the sports networks are saying it. It is going to happen.

So, I understand Jaguar fans doing a little dance and making a few fist pumps. And they’ll have every reason to do more dancing and fist pumping next week when it becomes official.

Then, Jaguar fans, you’ll need to pump the brakes a little.

Foles was superb is baling out the Eagles two seasons in a row. He did have a Pro Bowl season in 2013 with the Eagles when he started 10 games. He’s never started a complete season with any team, though he did start 11 games for the ’15 Rams.

Which Foles the Jaguars get depends on what offense they run, who they acquire in free agency and the draft and how well some young players improve.