LAMM AT LARGE: Jaguars secrecy does team no favors

LAMM AT LARGE: Jaguars secrecy does team no favors

By: David Lamm

I’ve ranted about what I’m about to say before, but I can’t help myself. If anyone else cares, they’re not venting their frustration.

I’m talking about this thick cloak of secrecy the Jaguars operate under. I admit most NFL teams are the same. Actually, it’s true with most big-time sports franchises, including a lot of colleges.

Pentagon security/privacy almost pales in comparison.

But I deal with the Jaguars and that’s where my beef lies.

It’s ridiculous that VP of Football Tom Coughlin almost never speaks publicly. GM Dave Caldwell makes rare appearances, most mandated by the NFL, which was the case at the Combine. It was his first news conference in 10 months.

The Jaguars want the media to market them, yet they keep tight wraps on what’s being marketed.
They want the fans to spend a lot of money or at least invest a lot of time and passion to support them, yet they refuse to give the fans a true picture of what they’re buying and supporting.

I’m not expecting them to tell who they’re going to draft, but I also don’t expect to be led around wearing a blindfold and with ear plugs.

It isn’t like the Jaguars are overwhelmed with media. The Jacksonville media is smaller than most and more supportive than they are probing. The national media generally ignores the Jaguars.

Keeping the media, and thus the fans, informed on a regular basis isn’t too much to ask.

I understand the “one voice” rule Coughlin has always embraced. Coach Doug Marrone speaks for the team – except when he says he can’t. How many times does Marrone respond to a question by saying, “You’ll have to ask the front office about that.”

Love to, but Coughlin and Caldwell stayed locked behind closed doors.

And that bothers me.