ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky doesn’t think Jags should target Foles at QB

ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky doesn’t think Jags should target Foles at QB

Dan Orlovsky played 12 years at quarterback in the National Football league for five different organizations. He is now a rising star in the sports media and can be seen on the ESPN family of networks.

Orlovsky joined “XL Primetime” on 1010XL to talk about the Jaguars quarterback situation.

“To be honest, and I’ve be outspoken about this, I get concerned with anybody going to Jacksonville,” Orlovsky told 1010XL. “There really is a deprivation on talent on the outside there.

“I think they’re moving on from Austin Seferian-Jenkins as well, so you’re looking at your top receiver Marquise Lee coming off of an injury and nobody else there has 100 career catches in the NFL other than Lee. So this is a team that is in some dire need of some help.”

Orlovsky was asked what he would do if he were trying to fix the Jaguars quarterback struggles.

“I would move on from Blake Bortles and I would go sign Teddy Bridgewater,” Orlovsky said. “I still believe that the Jacksonville Jaguars are a potential playoff-caliber football team, but they want to play a really specific way. They want to play really good defensive football, run the football, and Doug Marrone said last year Blake Bortles can’t do one thing, and that’s turn the football over.

“I know Teddy Bridgewater is not going to go get me 35 touchdown passes, I get that, but he’s also not going to turn the ball over a ton because that’s not who he is.

“He fits the style of football that a Tom Coughlin wants to play and that a Doug Marrone wants to play. Let’s play really good defense, protect the football and let’s be efficient.

What does he think about drafting a quarterback?

“I would also entertain drafting somebody in the first or second-round because I’m hopeful Bridgewater can play football for us, but I look in the division and the Colts have Andrew Luck and the Texans have Deshaun Watson so I better draft somebody really good for me to even have a chance to win my division,” Orlovsky said.

Finally, Orlovsky gave his thoughts on all the rumors surrounding Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles and Jacksonville

“I don’t like Foles there because I don’t see him fitting,” Orlovsky said. “I just don’t see that fit there long term plus that would be a lot of money.”

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