Tim Krause discusses new role as head coach at Bishop Kenny

Tim Krause discusses new role as head coach at Bishop Kenny

Tim Krause is returning to the school where his coaching career got off the ground. Krause, who was the head coach of Nease High School for the past five years, has been hired as the new head coach of Bishop Kenny. That’s the school that took a chance on him as an assistant in his early 20’s.

1010XL caught up with Krause to talk about his new job and look back on his time at Nease.

“Bishop Kenny was the first place I ever worked in Jacksonville,” Krause told 1010XL. “It’s just a really special place for me and my family. My wife graduated from there and her whole family went there.

“I started coaching there when I was 23 or 24-years-old and I’ve always had a good relationship with Mark Thorson who hired me there and gave me an opportunity and really helped me advance my career at a young age.

“When he called me a week or two ago and said this was happening, I jumped at the opportunity because it’s such a special place and a really fun place to coach and I still have a lot of good relationships that are still there after all these years.”

As excited as Krause is for the opportunity at Bishop Kenny, he says it was also a hard decision to leave what he was building at Nease.

“It was a really great experience for me,” Krause said. “I got the job at 31-years-old and the thing I take away from it is it’s so much about the people and developing the players that you have.

“I felt like going to a place like that I would learn how to be more adaptable and I felt like we established a really good culture. We got it to a point where we were competitive against some really good football teams and won some games that were really important to us.

“It was a fun time and a really great place and I have a lot of really great relationships there. That was the hard part about leaving because it was just such a great experience, but sometimes you have to make decisions like this.”

Krause knows the culture and the environment at Bishop Kenny and is looking forward to having the opportunity to put his stamp on it.

“It’s amazing and it’s hard to explain how great that environment is and how great that stadium is right there along the river,” he said. “It’s a special place for my family and it’s a really strong athletic program as a whole as well. So, that makes it fun to be around really good people and really good coaches.”

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